Monday, August 25, 2014


 Photographed by: Julie Raper

On Amber:

Our weekend was lovely here in North Carolina, we were touched by beautiful weather and a couple perfect pool days. I love coming to NC around August because it's when the fall begins in New York, so I know I'll get at least one more warmer month when I come to visit the family. Since it is still quite hot here we are still in shorts and tees. This bright linen blend t-shirt from target is not only quality but super affordable! The electric orange hue really pops against these neutral blend shorts. Amber looks so great in color, I know were twins but our complexion is quite different and she can pull off vibrant colors better than I can(maybe I'm just afraid of color). We love spending time together and we always have fun with our shoots but this day was extremely hot, so we kinda couldn't wait to get into the ac (it was almost 100)! Hope you guys enjoyed your weekends as well! We always love to here what you have to say, comment if you'd like!