The Twin Crowd: LWD

Friday, August 22, 2014


Photographed By: Julie Raper

Instead of my usual favorite Black, I decided a little white dress would be a bright change! I'm not one who loves color, I try to wear it and force myself to buy clothes on the more colorful end, but they end up sitting in my closet with the tags never coming off. Instead of buying items I wont wear, I've been buying more clothes in the colors i live in just with cool details whether its a different fabric, drop-waist, or embroidery it adds another element that I can feel comfortable in. I love this dress because of its perfect fit and the thickness of the fabric. Sometimes whites are hard to wear because of their tendency to be see through, it's good to look for a fabric with some weight to it. Summer is slowly coming to an end so I've been going with whites more often (we are looking forward to fall though). I've been living in these Nike's, they seem to work with everything: jeans, minis, leather, shorts, dresses. Sometimes it feels good to get rid of the heels! Hope everyone has a lovely Thursday!