Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Photography By: Tiffany Co. Photography

Winter has arrived here in NY and its no joke how cold it is. My mom came up to visit with me here in Southampton for a week, which was lovely! In true mom fashion she spent a lot of time cleaning and organizing my things, when she made her way too my clothes, she kept saying how come you have so many of the same jacket? I just laughed because each one has it's purpose, dressy, casual, furry, warm, long, or short. Even if things appear alike I have a good reason to own each. It's funny how style works in that way. One tiny detail can serve for a whole different look. This Olive parka is a new comer to my wardrobe. I love the color palette and camouflage style design. It keeps me nice and cozy on these bitter days and adds a sense of casual cool to a basic look. Let's not ignore these kicks, complete with a shear ling ankle detail and worn in finish, their my new fave sneakers. I'm definitely a high top addict, I love the way they work with any type of denim. Currently these are under 100 so be sure to shop them below, they come in three different shades! We hope everyone had a awesome Thanksgiving and are enjoying the endless Holiday events!

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