Saturday, December 3, 2016


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Happy Saturday ya'll - As you all know Gabrielle and I  have a few brands that we always shop with for our wardrobe staples. One of our long time favorite brands is Banana Republic, they are consistent in producing quality pieces at affordable prices. This is Gabrielle and I's intial reason for starting the blog and we have continued to standby this brand and motto for the past three years. We absolutely adore everything in Banana Republic and are blessed to have been working with them for several months now. This blush cashmere sweater is a new favorite of mine, as it goes with everything from workwear to an evening out with the girls. It is so soft, cozy and chic I can't wait to pair it with a miniskirt or flared denim.  The sweater can also be paired with hues like olive green, taupe and cream. This muted color combination will create a casual cool look in a flash. Unlike Gabriele I do love to mix-and-match colors to form different combinations and show my creative side!  There's something very 'fresh' about mixing colors in interesting combinations that can easily elevate a otherwise basic look.

Also as stated on tonight's Instagram post - we are breaking down our top favorite Instagram photo editing apps. These are lifesavers when you're trying to freshen up a photo just for Instagram. Things like saturation, contrast, brightness and temperature always can make a difference when trying to vamp up your selfie in order to integrate it right into your Insta feed!  Listed below are our top three favorites that are used on every single one of our Instagram photos.

VSCO is great for cropping and creating tastefully contrasted or brightened photographs.  And even though capital and I tend to stay away from their premade filters they are beautiful and can be muted to create a unique look for your photos.  One of my favorite tools on VSCO is the clarity tool it slightly sharpens and brings out the natural details of the photo. I also like the skin tone button because if my photos are over edited I can adjust my skin to be it's natural color. I also always use this app first because I can adjust my photo to exactly how I want it to look on Instagram and then plug it into the snug app to see what it'll look like before I officially post. And to clarify brightness and contrast can be adjusted on the actual Instagram editing page too but again I like to see what my photo is going to look like before I actually post.

Face tune is an awesome app that perfects your skin and always leaves you looking flawless.  It's also great because if you don't want to look overly smooth you have an option to erase areas that could be left untouched. You never want to overdo a selfie with the smoothness button because it can leave it looking fake or too photo shopped. We found that this doesn't resonate with with our followers, as it is very deceiving and doesn't represent how we truly look.  We also love face tune for adding some details to our eyes and any type of pretty detailing on soft sweaters, embroidered shirts  etc.  

Snug is an awesome app that allows Gabrielle and I to see what our feed will look like before we post the actual image. You can test out different photos and see what is best visually for your own individual Instagram feed. We honestly didn't know what  to do before we found this app, it's a lifesaver and has formed our Instagram to beautifully flow and stand out amongst others.  We really hope this breakdown of our favorite Instagram apps has helped you better understand how to create a beautiful image. All the links are listed below - we hope this helps all you lovely instagrammers!

Here are direct links to each of our favorite app pages so you can easily download and begin to use these to create beautiful photos!


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