Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Shop the exact choker sweater from Zaful HERE under $20!
Sweater weather is now in full swing, and this one is definitely a must for your winter wardrobe. The choker sweater trend has been around all season and I have yet to try it, but so glad that I finally did. The silhouette is super flattering and creates a nice shape - bringing attention to your collarbone (which is a subtle yet sexy part of your body)  I definitely will wear the sweater for a date night soon because it's always nice to show just a hint of skin even in this cold weather. I love the neutral gray color but it is all also available in olive green, tan and white. Because it's under $20 I definitely will be racking up on all these pretty colors. The other thing I absolutely adore about the sweater is that the open area isn't too large, similar sweaters are very open and show way too much skin for my liking - so this one is perfect! I paired the sweater with black jeans, over the knee suede boots and a cool denim jacket to form a simple yet chic daytime look. To accessorize the outfit I added two dainty silver necklaces from Kestan to slightly peek out of the open space.  These necklaces can be worn length layered or alone. They have three different closures so it allows you to shorten or lengthen  the necklaces as you please. I love how cool they look when paired together but I also like the idea of wearing one alone for a little added shine. What do you lovelies think - do you like the layered necklaces or would you prefer to wear them alone!? We always love hearing from you.


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