The Twin Crowd: ARMY OF ONE

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Snaps By Tiffany Co. Photography
Shop Watch Via: Kapten & Son Watches
Shop Bracelet Via: Olive Yew Jewels
With the warm weather upon us were showing off more ways to wear denim shorts. We have to admit that everyday there's a magnetic draw to soft denim cut offs. Reason's being their comfortable and easy to dress up or down. Obviously throwing on a cotton tank or tee is the first choice; but as Summer nights creep up we can add silky blouses and fun metal accessories to add a more "dinner" vibe. As soon as we set our eyes on Kapten & Son Watches we were obsessed! Here Amber is sporting the Rose gold mesh style from their Metal Collection, I have the watch in gold and it has been receiving compliments for years now. If your in search of a timeless wrist piece that takes simplicity to the next level, look no further. We can promise that this brand wont let you down, you'll love your watch for years to come.

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