The Twin Crowd: BELL'S BABY

Monday, June 13, 2016


Visual Story By: Corinne Lavinio
As the story goes, what goes around comes around. This statement proves true especially when applied to ever revolving fashion trends. This season has been all about our favorite style decades the seventies and nineties. Bodysuits, chokers, one piece swimwear, and bell bottoms are just a few styles were welcoming back with open arms. Style is ever evolving and it's fascinating how we can reconstruct an old trend to fit into our current style period. Nowadays our clothes are made to fit so many different body types. So everyone can enjoy the new trends that make an appearance. Obviously my outfit above has been made up of seventies inspired pieces and some current favorite's skinnies and lace up flats. The mixture of past trends with a modern twist is easy to create. you want to balance the fit of your pieces, therefore I styled a wide armed top with narrow skinnies to show off a modern look. I added this suede wrap choker, and tote both in black shades, we all know I'm a sucker for anything dark. This bell sleeved top has become  repeat in my latest outfits, It brings a funky element to a classic look. hope you all enjoy today's visual style story and stay tuned for more looks later in the week!
XOXO, Gabrielle