Thursday, March 31, 2016


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I know It has been a while since we have posted here at, but we have been so busy with work and personal issues that our priorities have shifted a bit. It is our pleasure to say that we are back and in full force. We are re branding The Twin Crowd and making it a permanent place for us to connect with beautiful like minded people that appreciate our style, brand and aesthetic. Our aim is to inspire, uplift and show other women that the sky is not the limit, push yourself and go further then you ever thought possible. We want to re-engage with our followers on a deeper level, not just being a style blog but becoming a lifestyle blog, a brand that supports women and there goals and dreams. Due to our hectic schedules and personal limits we are going to be posting two outfits weekly verses three. We will also begin to include posts about stress management, personal happiness and how to make your lives simple and rewarding. We want to bring constant inspiration directly to our readers.

This week we are starting fresh with a new look, new photographer and ultimately a new brand. Gabrielle and I are relaunching The Twin Crowd as new and improved women with a specific vision to assert positive energy into our everyday lives. As most of you know I struggle with Rheumatoid arthritis, which is something I did not know when I started the blog. It has hindered my capabilities not only in my personal life but for the blog as well. I have issues typing, concentrating and even working on my mobile phone. All three are important duties for a style blogger. Even photo shoots became stressful. I began losing focus, interest and even capability in running our blog, and honestly we just began to take off. That's when I knew I needed a break, when my concentration was not where it once was. Gabrielle has also struggled physically as well due to her foot surgery several years ago. It has limited her mobility and mind. She struggles to walk, work and has to mentally prepare herself each day due to her busy schedule ahead and the funny thing is that no one knows it. We have tried our best to not let our readers in, but we feel this has hindered our little blog, we want to reach more people that are like minded and suffering from similar issues. No one should go through life in pain, and if you have to no one should go through it alone. That is our new message. So with all that said we want to help spread the love and positivity to each and every one of you and if you would please help us re-gain our place back inside this big blogging world.

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