The Twin Crowd: PONCHO LOVE

Friday, October 23, 2015


 Photographed By: Ben Clark

Hello Friyay! We hope everyone is excited about the weekend ahead and can squeeze in some relaxation time. I know that's what Amber and I have planned. It's been a weird week for us, Amber began here new job as Social Media Manager at, but her super busy schedule has put a temporary hold on our daily chats. Sometimes with a big shift it's tough to adjust but I know it will begin to get easier for her once she gets into the swing of things. Our 20's can be some of the most stressful and confusing years of life, while being the most exciting and scary at the same time. We get o find our true selves which includes coming into our own style. I love this look Amber put together, it's so her! She loves a statement piece like this olive poncho. A poncho can be great to have in your closet for this confusing weather, through it over a pair of denim and a striped top on a cool day and your good to go. This piece isn't super heavy so it's perfect for those chilly Fall days. Shop these fall pieces below.

Shop Amber's Look Below: