Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Photographs by Julie Raper

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Everything item in this post is under $50, I know {wow} that's exactly what we were thinking too! All of these items look so chic and expensive, but in reality they are all relatively cheap, which is a good thing for our wallets. Gabrielle and I wanted to show you that creating a luxe look doesn't have to mean spending a fortune. The trick to creating an outfit that feels more expensive then what it really is, is to choose items that contain great quality, fabric and fit. Faux leather seen here on both the mules and the skirt is not shiny and thin, but yet very durable and truly mimics the real thing. When looking for great faux leather pieces this is key, you really want to try to steer clear of fabrics that seem glossy and feel rubbery or slick to the touch. You should actually opt for faux leathers that feel thick and sturdy and have little to no shine, the more matte the better. Also choosing a jacket that is fitted and structured immediately draws the eye in and mimics quality's of a designer dud. The quilting and patchwork texture of the jacket make it seem much more costly then what it is. The print seems interesting and fresh and the colors are luxurious and rich. These are all attributes that help give the illusion of a more pricier garment. Hopefully these tips and tricks of the style saver's trade  help you  to create a luxe look for less, please share your own advice we'd love to hear!