Friday, May 19, 2017


Photography By: Tiffany Co. Photography

So I am booking my flight to Sag Harbor next month and I am thrilled to spend a few weeks in the Hampton's this summer. Its been years since Ive got to enjoy the beautiful beaches, breathtaking sunsets and amazing food. I will be traveling with one of my closest friends who's never got to experience New York before. I have been counting down the days till we leave in August, it cant come soon enough. We will also be celebrating my dads 50th birthday. These photos of me and Gabrielles have really become some of my favorites, they give you a little peak at our goofy personalities and the genuine love we have for one another. Having a twin is ultimately like having a built in best friend - someone who knows you inside and out, without judgement they consistently stand by you through your ups and downs. I honestly don't know what I'd do without her or what type of person I would have become without her positivity and influence. Yes, we argue and fight were no different then other siblings in that way but we always try to see the other persons side and that there opinion usually comes from a place of pure love and care instead of anger. I cannot wait to be reunited in a few months! Love you Gabrielle - xoxo.

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