Thursday, January 5, 2017


I have been wanting to update my winter beauty routine for a while now so I decided to start by adding some brand new products.  Maybelline offers some great new products that easily enhance my natural features.  I have been using the Big Shot mascara and Master Precise eyeliner daily to create a bold line and thick lengthy lashes.  They also have added a beautiful 24K Nude palette to their collection, which features a perfect blend of earthy tones - subtle shimmer - and bold hues.  I like to mix some of the taupe colors with the plum and use it to define my eyes, the purple hues always bring out my green eyes and makes them really pop.  Another one of my favorite products offered by Maybelline is the Master Precise eyeliner, the perfect pen-like tip allows for a beautiful line to easily be created which helps define my natural features.  The big shot mascara adds so much volume to my lashes that almost looks like they’re false. Maybelline’s new additions have made it so easy to create a beautifully curated face in just under 10 minutes. My every day routine has been completely transformed.  Their products make the make up applications so simple and perfectly seamless.  Another favorite look of mine using the 24k nude palate is my girls-night-out face, which is the perfect balance of bold and beautiful.  I like to create a smoky eye with the darker shadows and line my eyes with the precise liner and add a little cool effect with a wingtip.  I always love to finish off the look with a little bit of bronzer to highlight my cheekbones and then add a nude lip to bring the entire look together.  If I’m doing an all black outfit for that evening I’ll switch out the nude lip color for a deeper shade of plum, which creates a little bit more of a sultry vibe.  I definitely recommend these products for anyone trying to switch up their make up routines - they’re all great additions!
This post is sponsored by Maybelline. All opinions expressed are my own.