The Twin Crowd: BRAHMIN X TWO

Saturday, January 7, 2017


We've thoroughly enjoyed our vacation time spent together. It was a little long this time, so it was nice to get back home. Unfortunately the weather is beyond beautiful in NC. We have a heavy snow storm in the works in both the cities we call home, in this case I wish I was back to spend these snowy days with Amber and Lucy, instead I'll have to take my cat Beatrice as a replacement. I've started back to work at Naturopathica and I have to say it's nice to be back after a vacation. My appreciation for what I do as an aesthetician is back in order and it's a great feeling. Here Amber and I are sporting a twin worthy sweater from Forever 21. Funny story, we both went into the same huge store at separate times and both only came out with purchasing this exact sweater. Twin moments like this make us laugh, as much as we blow off the cliché twin things, they are very true. We hope everyone had a relaxing Christmas and New Years!

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