Sunday, November 27, 2016


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Today has been a little difficult for me, Gabrielle is currently en route back to New York, and she's bringing my mom with her! Its so great to get to spend the holidays with her but it is so hard having to say goodbye over and over. I really do wish we got to spend more quality time together, being a twin is very hard especially when your apart because your bond is so incredibly close it almost hurts when they are not with you. I'd love to live in the same city as her, hell - even the same state would be better lol but we both have established careers, friends and family it would be even harder to try and be together at this very moment but who knows what the future has in store. It's been a whole five years since my mom has been able to travel back to New York where she lived for the majority of her life and get to see where Gabrielle has been creating her own new home. Not many readers know this but 11 years ago Gabrielle and I moved to North Carolina from Southampton, New York with my little sister Lucy, step-dad and mom. This was a very hard transition for both of us as we were sophomores in high school having already built deep relationships with close friends but ultimately the move proved that we are strong individuals who were able to create a new home, build new friendships and started a brand-new life here in the beautiful South. 

As all of you know Gabrielle and I live in sneakers year round due to having some chronic pain issues in our feet and legs. So we are definitely your go to girls for the best of the best sneakers & comfortable shoe selections! This may be a bold statement but going through years of these difficult physical issues allows us to seek out the most practical yet comfortable shoes possible. Gabrielle highly recommends the 'Thea' from Nike for anyone looking for an extremely comfortable and supportive sneaker. The fit is close yet there is a great amount of room for your foot to breathe. Not only is this sneaker super comfy but incredibly chic allowing you to style these cool kicks with anything from a LBD to skinnies and an oversized sweater. We hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving with your families and friends and remember that Cyber Monday is tomorrow so get your credit cards ready ladies - its time to shop!