The Twin Crowd: OLD NAVY DENIM

Monday, August 15, 2016


Photography By Tiffany Co. Photography

Old Navy's denim is now better than ever,  they have the fit down to an exact science. I usually tend to stray away from white denim because it always shows every little imperfection on my body. But I so badly wanted to rock a pair this summer so I decided to test out Old Navy's version and I can honestly say they're perfect.  I chose the 'Rockstar' distressed mid-rise version and the quality and fit couldn't be better. When I shop for white denim I always look for thick fabric and durability because they can sometimes be see-through and sheer if the quality isn't there. Also if the fit is too slim or tight this can be extremely unflattering.  I purchased one size up so I can have a little bit more room. I usually wear a two, but purchased these in a four and they are perfect.  They hit mid level on my stomach so they are super comfortable and not too tight, which I love and the leg's silhouette is very slim but again not too snug so the fit is 'just right.I know ya'll will just adore Old Navy's new and improved denim line, I was very impressed. It wont be long before I'm headed back for more styles, washes and colors!