Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Photographed By: Debra Robusto

Featured Piece: Crochet Sweater via Themintjulep

This sweater is so dreamy filled with crochet detailing and a creamy beige hue. This is such a perfect piece to go into spring. The Mint Julep is the fastest growing women's online boutique, filled with bright colors , trendy patterns and worth the money quality, we recommend giving it a shot! We love being able to try out new shops for our reader's and we can put our mark of approval on this one. When you sign up you automatically get 10$ off your first order, so hurry up and get shopping! This look is very versatile, it can be worn to brunch or a casual look for running around town. By adding white ripped skinnies and my favorite military vest the look is complete. Booties for fall and spring, and then nude wedges for summer. Although it looks warm in these photos, it was so windy and cold, not the best day to take pictures. 

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