The Twin Crowd: SNOW DAYS

Monday, February 2, 2015


Photographed By: Janet Conde-Mancino

Well Juno stopped by this past week, and everything is covered in fresh white powder! I had a bit of cabin fever being  cooped up in the house all week. Yesterday when I took these photos it was surprisingly warm out(guess I picked the right day) because when I woke up this morning there was some new snow on the ground. I think this look is so simple to pull off, you can add your own style by choosing any color scheme you like(of course I went with greys). I bought these bootyies a couple weeks ago from off fifth, I got really lucky and scored them for 160$(originally 395)! Hopefully everyone who got snowed in kept warm this weekend with hot coacoa and sat by the fire. Be on the lookout for some amazing loop giveaways, the next couple Fridays, they will be posted on our Instagram @thetwincrowd. We look forward to new followers that find us through the posting! I know that it's easy to just unfollow after the giveaway is over, but please stick around and check us out!

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