The Twin Crowd: BLACK + BLUE

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Photographed By: Janet Conde-Mancino

As January comes to an end, and the excitement of a new year disperses, I started to realize that Amber and I have yet to make any resolutions. When we talked on the phone yesterday we decided instead of resolutions which are often given up on too easily, we made some practical goals for ourselves.

1) Clean out/Organize our closets: Our closets are a continuous struggle! currently I have my clothes on a rolling hanger bar, and Amber's is mostly on her floor(sorry sis). So for 2015 we want to get organized! We decided to go through our wardrobes and donate the pieces we decide not to keep to charities. This way we make room for new items while giving back! Id love to have a huge closet but right now this is just a dream and my rolling hanger is doing the job just fine!

2) Do More (Practical) Shopping: Of course shopping is a part of the blog, readers and viewers love to see us style new pieces and  wear new trends. At the same time to buy new clothes 24/7 is of course not practical for us women on a budget. We want to start mixing up our wardrobes to showcase how practical and timeless pieces can be worn for years without going out of style!

3) Write more posts from the heart: Amber and I have a hard time opening up to our close friends let alone a universe of cyber space that is unknown. We've had a hard time showcasing our personalities through our writing. We want to open ourselves up to our readers more in hopes of finding similar connections. It's easy for us to express ourselves through style but the challenge comes with putting it into words. Hopefully in 2015 we can connect more with our amazing readers!

Love Amber & Gabrielle

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