Monday, October 27, 2014


Photos by Julie Raper

On Amber:
Black Tee Shirt
Black Boyfriend Sweater
Boyfriend Jeans
Ankle Booties

We wanted to create an all black look that seemed more casual then harsh. By using soft textures and dark wash denim we were ab;e to create a more feminine all blank ensemble. While an all black look can seem intimidating it really can be quite simple. Just remember to mix dark washes, prints and textures to help soften the outfit and not come on too strong. These leather ankle booties from Gap are my new favorite wardrobe staple. They are the perfect boot to transition from fall to winter. The rich leather and wooden heel give the shoe a little richness, and make them seem more expensive then what they are. That is what I truly love about the Gap there very reasonable priced for the high quality of there clothing. Be sure to check out there website, If you sign up for emails today you can get 40% off your purchase! Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!