The Twin Crowd: MEET THE GIRLS


    Amber Mancino & Gabrielle Mancino

    {We are the girls behind the blog}

We wanted to create a visual space that showcases our personal style, knowledge and love for fashion.

We are 23 yr. old twins, in college and on a budget. We live states apart. Gabrielle is in New York & I am in North Carolina. We hate being apart from each other so we spend hours on the phone; usually discussing clothes, style and online deals. Due to these reoccurring phone calls we decided to create The Twin Crowd© to turn our conversations and ideas into something visual. We were constantly discussing our concepts with each other, why not share it with others we thought?

The Twin Crowd© is a place that shares our personal styles and shows you that affordable clothing doesn’t mean sacrificing quality and design.

It also shares a story about keeping a strong bond even with miles in between. Fashion ties us together.

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