The Twin Crowd: COLLARED 'COOL'

Friday, February 27, 2015


Photographed By: Julie Raper

So we got some low temps and some icy/snow mix here in NC (I know its nothing compared to NY) but still exciting because we got at least one snow day in. My snow day was filled with a productive mix of never ending Netflix and FOOD! Last weekend when I did my photos for the week , the lighting was dreary and the ground slick, so I thought to myself how can I portray this in an outfit? Of course I opted for all black with an addition of this new floral chambray. I purchased this blouse thinking how perfect for spring, and yet I'm wearing it in winter, gotta love transitional pieces. In all honesty I was in a bit of a fog last week and struggled to put my looks together, so Gabrielle to the rescue! One quick phone call with her is exactly what I needed. Her fresh perspective and weird photographic memory of my closet was thoroughly helpful. Hope everyone gets some time to relax this weekend!

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