Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Photos By Julie Raper

Today's Post is a little late but still hopes to brighten up your week. Gabrielle and I have been so busy the past couple of weeks finishing up school, working and still trying to maintain the blog. Although this can be challenging at times, its so rewarding. We absolutely love getting to share your style with others and really hope that we inspire your weekly outfits or help to provide some advice on other things. We are always striving to create valuable content for our fellow fashionista's. Today we wanted to show you how to incorporate pastels into you winter wardrobe. Most people are scared to let their softer colored apparel go past those warmer months, but we are here to show you that ts much simpler then it seems. The easiest way to bring softer colors into the cooler months is by pairing them with other neutrals, in our case we used black, but their are many others that can work too. Try using other softer shades such as pewter grey or camel tan. When you pair a bright shade with complementing neutrals you create a instantly chic outfit that seems effortless and sophisticated. We hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and stay warm!