The Twin Crowd: COZY IN CAMO

Thursday, December 4, 2014


Photographed by: Debra Robusto
Amber and I have been on opposite schedules lately so its been hard to talk as much as we are used to. She texted me the other morning with news that she will be picking me up from the airport in a couple weeks(I cant wait to be reunited)! I've been in New York for two years now and I think its taken me that long to come to terms with not seeing her and my family everyday. Being apart from the ones you love is always a hard move, especially when your the one moving away from what you know. Through attempting to lead my own way I've opened myself up to new people and opportunity's which is important to me. Its not easy to admit, but I was very dependent on Amber for so many things. It wasn't until I was in situations on my own that I realized how much I leaned on her for support. Sometimes in life we have to push ourselves out of the comforts we are used to in order to gain the confidence to approach new achievements. Just some of my thoughts I wanted to share. Regarding today's style post, this look is beyond comfy(always love a soft sweater). This is an easy everyday look that can  be worn out to dinner with friends as well. If you love how I styled this cozy camo sweater, you can shop it with the links below! Hope everyone is having a relaxing week and TGIF!

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