The Twin Crowd: POP OF PLAID

Sunday, November 9, 2014


Photographed By: Debra Robusto

This week has gone by way too fast for Amber and I, so much to do and not even close to enough time. This weeks posting schedule got moved back from our busy days but next week we will back on track. Amber and I have barely got a phone call in, besides texting and snapping back and forth about upcoming content and outfits. I cant wait until Christmas time when I get to see my family in NC we always have such a nice time. I feel like I never stop laughing between amber's odd facial expressions, my moms corny jokes and my clumsy rottweiler Coda. We have a small family but with my mom and Oma cooking dinner you wouldn't be able to tell. My mouths watering thinking about mashed potatoes and gravy(favorite food) and I haven't said one thing about today's style post! Oh well I hope you enjoy it, feel free to shop the look by clicking the images below. Please share your Holiday plans with us wed love to know what you guys are looking forward too!

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