The Twin Crowd: JULIE BEE'S Q&A

Friday, April 11, 2014


Chatting it up with Julie Brown: Founder of Julie Bee’s

TC: Did you always know you were going to be interested in design?

JB: No, actually design - it just kind of fell into my lap. My undergrad and major was in International Studies. I wanted to work internationally doing government work across the world. My first job out of college I worked for Homeland Security, shortly after I went into consulting while living in Washington, D.C. Then I went back to school in Boston and got a MBA.

TC: Why did you choose to produce Eco-friendly shoes?

JB: When I moved from Boston to Atlanta, I really wanted to start living a green lifestyle. I started looking for clothes, which are pretty easy to find nowadays. It’s much harder to find a pair of shoes I could where to work then out with friends that weren’t crunchy and granola (there are a lot of great crunchy shoes out there) but just not for me!

TC: We love the spring line it’s gorgeous, what were your inspirations?

JB: I get a lot of inspiration from architecture, which is probably not where most designers get their inspiration from, but I’ve always loved it and interior design of homes. I look out for different colors and shapes. I also like to watch street style, so I can see what’s out there. I spend a lot of time in New York where there’s a lot of great street style, also around Atlanta you just don’t walk around as much unfortunately. Inspiration comes from different women. All of our shoes are named after women living in different cities all across the country.

TC: What Inspires the unique colors of the line?

JB: Colors are inspired by the industry, the color palette we had to pick from is based on what’s available to us for our unique product. We try to make sure were using Eco-friendly materials; by Eco-friendly I mean vegetable dyes. Many of our items are sourced from Italy, Spain and the U.S. The colors are PRE-determined by what’s available to us as well. You probably won’t see a hot pink shoe in our collection because vegetable dyes don’t create that.

TC: Well, we never would have known, Amber actually mentioned how she loved the color palettes, because they were so neutral and rustic.

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