Friday, January 10, 2014


Photo via Pinterest

Happy Weekend {Blurred Lines}

These days there isn't such a thing as grunge or glam. There is a mix of styles, a blurred line some might say. We often think of glam as upscale and beautiful. Grunge would be identified as music based or even called dirty; an outfit that's not thought about just thrown together. Grunge and glam seemingly diverse styles can be manipulated and portrayed as one. For some this may be hard to identify with, but more and more of our culture and generation is learning to combine these two different styles. We think this is great, there will no longer be names or titles instead combinations that provide us with a sense of ease and comfort. We hope that all of our readers will participate in this movement and have fun mixing different styles and trends! Let us know what you think about blurring the lines of fashion?!