Monday, December 30, 2013


Photos By: Lucy Wheeler
On Amber: Leather jacket: American Eagle; Sweater: Gap; Wool shorts: Gap; Necklace: Lauren Conrad// On Gabrielle: Leather moto jacket: Rock & Republic; Plaid Buttondown: Gap; Watch: Larsson & Jennings; Pants via Hautelook; Booties: Korkease

Everything Is Better{When were together}

Only two more weeks and then we go back to leading our separate lives, it is so hard to be away from each other. We only get to see each other two or three times throughout the year because of our busy schedules. So when we're together we really try to enjoy our time spent with one another. We love the time we get to spend together working on the blog! This week we are obsessed with plaid accents. This week we wore plaid two different ways. The plaid shorts add a feminine flair to the outfit, adding a fitted collarless vegan leather jacket pulls it all together. The black tights and booties are a perfect neutral background for the patterned shorts. The shorts are wool which is a perfect material for taking shorts from summer to winter with ease. The second way we wore plaid was with black motorcycle inspired pants with zipper detailing and sleek black booties. A biker inspired vegan leather jacket is another great touch that adds a toughness to the soft colors in the flannel (any color flannel would be great!). A vegan leather jacket is the perfect item to purchase before splurging on the real thing. If you end up wearing the jacket all the time then eventually you should invest in a leather one. Please comment below and share your thoughts and opinions, we’d love to hear from you!